About Us

CRGC - The Cranbrook and District Rod and Gun Club, was first organized in November, 1917, with Lester Clapp as president and E.T. (Ted) Cooper as secretary. Our Club has been part of the Cranbrook Community for many years and has been enjoyed by sportsmen

Our Club is evolving from strictly target shooting to an organization that focuses on respect for Firearm Safety, Conservation, and Recreational Outdoor Activities. Our purpose is to:
  • Advocate for wildlife, fish and habitat conservation in a spirit of cooperation with other organizations and all levels of government
  • Provide facilities and equipment for hunting, fishing, and firearms education.
  • Promote responsible and respectful behavior while using our natural resources with: members, youth and the general public
  • Develop a community that fosters a spirit of respect, cooperation, tolerance and understanding while enjoying the outdoors.
Our telephone number is 778 517-5511.

Membership information can be found  here.

If you have further questions then please Contact Us  NOTE - this contact form is NOT monitored daily - we are a voluntary organization and things get done as time allows.