The Cranbrook Rod and Gun Club is always open to new members.

Regular membership is $100.00, spousal membership $50.00, juniors under the age of 19 living in the same residence $25.00 each. This includes NFA liability insurance.

Memberships are available starting December 1 for the next year. 

Application forms are available at Mountain Man Sports and from the caretaker at the range. An application form is also available here along with an enlightening and entertaining list of range rules

Membership for a hunter to sight in a rifle are available for $40.00 and grant access to the rifle range only (Range1). This membership class does not allow voting or guest privileges and is 
subject to all the applicable range rules. This membership is only
available after September 1. 

All memberships expire December 31 of the year.

Regular members may bring guests for $5.00 per person per day. 
Guest Memberships are available at the range sign in stations.

Applications and payment may also be submitted at the following address:
                 Cranbrook Rod and Gun Club
                 PO Box 333
                 Cranbrook, BC   V1C 4H8